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MMCCares - 2017 Highlights

Honduras Medical Mission

In 2014, Ms Patel volunteered to go on a medical mission trip to Honduras with a group of students from Arizona State University 3 years ago and Global Brigades. It was on the trip that she made it a goal to go back, but not just as a volunteer but as a leader. In 2017 Ms. Patel, is leading a group of volunteers and going back to Honduras to help those in most need of medical care.

Hondouras Mission 2017-1

  • Hondouras Mission 2017-1


Arya Dance 2017 Gala

Arya International Dance Academy is a charitable dance and entertainment organization, dedicated to teaching traditional South Asian dance techniques to students of all ages. With a goal to encourage the current and future generations of South Asians to learn, respect, and admire their rich culture in the performance arts.

Metroplex Medical Centres was proud to sponsor Arya International for the 2nd year running. This event was attended by more than 1100 people and even Bollywood star, Nargis Fakhri.
The beneficiary for 2017 was Vibha (Vibha.org), there were enough proceeds from the gala to educate 300 children in rural areas of India for a whole year.

2017-Arya Gala-1
2017-Arya Gala-2
2017-Arya Gala-3
2017-Arya Gala-4

  • 2017-Arya Gala-1
  • 2017-Arya Gala-2
  • 2017-Arya Gala-3
  • 2017-Arya Gala-4